Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

End to end mobility solution (for your fleet/logistics management) planned & priced in advance gives you greater control and better visibility across your business.

The benefits of KleverMIND Mobility Solutions
Enhanced traveler experience: With improved customer services, dependable transportation, and accurate communication.

Increased safety: Sensor data tracks, for example, vehicle speeds, Vehicle part conditions, Engine temperatures, and the number of cars waiting at an intersection. System/ Operation Manager use this information to improve the safety of transit system operations.

Reduced energy use and congestion: Organizations use real time data to better scale resources and meet demands. They can react quickly to evolving traffic patterns, and take action to optimize traffic impact on the environment, use of fuel, and regional economic competitiveness.

Better operational performance: Transport Manager can monitor critical infrastructure and develop efficient processes to minimize operating costs and improve system capacity.

Use Cases of KleverMIND mobility solution in Transportation

Connected cars

Today cars typically rely on connectivity and are a key part of the Mobility. Typical modern vehicles are equipped with Internet connectivity, sensors and actuators, and over 50 microcomputers running in excess of 100 million lines of code. Connected car technology systems can monitor the brakes and engine, control tire pressure and control exhaust gas composition.

Connected car technology uses a network of antennas, sensors, embedded software, and communication technologies to make accurate, timely decisions.

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking systems are typically used by fleet operators for tasks like routing, fleet tracking, dispatching, on-board information, and security. While vehicle tracking systems have been in existence for a while, IoT has brought it to the spotlight. 

KleverMIND mobility  solution can capture driver behavior such as idling time and driving style. Modern vehicle tracking systems can monitor fuel, temperature and loads and put all this data at the fingertips of fleet operators.

Examples of KleverMIND mobility solution  functionality include:

  • Trip scheduling
  • Vehicle asset management 
  • Driver authorization 
  • Optimize routes
  • Alerts for speeding, route deviations, harsh cornering, acceleration or braking
  • Real-time alerts for fuel theft
  • Monitoring of vehicle movement
  • Turnaround time, distance traveled, and mileage