KleverMind offers a hassle-free admission system to Schools as well as Parents. Parents can apply to as many schools as they like with just one form, saving them time, effort and money. It saves parents the hassle of queuing up in several schools during admissions.
Schools receive calculated point system in sorted formats, pre-verified, digitalized data that can be filtered according to categories.
Please go through our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully before using our platform.

As a parent, how can I use KleverMind?

Parents need to sign up and login to www.KleverMind.com. Then they need to fill the Master form only once. After that they can apply to schools either through our website or our KleverMind app from Google Play Store. They can search for schools of nearby location through our geo-tagging feature and apply to those in the comfort of their home.

Can I fill the master form through mobile app?

No, you cannot fill the master form through mobile app because master form has many fields and also requires uploading of documents which is not feasible through mobile app. So to fill the master form you need to do it through website.

Can I apply to all schools through KleverMind app?

You can apply to all schools that are listed on KleverMind.

How do Parents pay the application fees?

Parents can pay the application fees online using netbanking or by credit card.

Is KleverMind free for Parents?

No, KleverMind will charge a nominal convenience fee from the Parents for applying to schools.

After applying to schools, will parents receive an acknowledgement from the respective schools?

Yes, parents will receive an acknowledgement after applying to schools.

Which platform is being supported by KleverMind app?

Currently KleverMind is in android platform. Soon we will be releasing in iOS and Windows platform.

How can I collaborate with KleverMind?

You need to sign an agreement with KleverMind. Once you are registered on the platform, you receive login credentials, URL and “KleverCode”. Now through KleverMind’s URL and KleverCode, Parents can apply to your school online. If you face any issue then please contact us at hello@klevermind.com or call us at +91-9990206772

What are the benefits a School gets on KleverMind?

Schools receive calculated point system in sorted formats, pre-verified, digitalized data that can be filtered according to categories. Schools can replace tedious manual sorting of applications with a very simple pre-calculated point system like distance, sibling, alumni, etc, saving school administration staff a lot of time and effort. Schools can make their web presence stronger with KleverMind promoting them on their website and social media channels. Also, geo-tagging of schools makes them searchable for parents.

How do Schools receive the application fees?

Schools can receive application fees either through netbanking or cheque from KleverMind.